The MIT Sloan Branding Study Tour was an amazing opportunity to analyze several ways and types of how to Brand correct and incorrect. There were three highlights that for me was remarkable: brands that strongly provoke and connect with some kind of emotion with its consumers, branding leadership and how to rebrand itself. 

We may start talking about Carolina Herrera, a brand that knowns what are the story telling that triggers its consumers; it’s clear that consumers from CH have a emotion connection with its products and they know how to communicate with them.

About branding leadership i learned that both in Acne (Mattias, CEO) and CH (Maria, CEO) were powerful to have a CEO that not only resonance with the brand but also is the voice of the company. It was impressed to see how both CEO communicate with all the employees, how admirable was to see employees respecting their CEO and trusting that they are doing right.

Lastly, Berlim after several war history and controversy re brand itself as a capital of, cult, fashion, liberal, hipster after the cold war and unification. I was glad to see a capital that its so vanguardist and keep all its history so close together. It’s almost two contradictory existence of past and future.

Finally, for sure there were several other highlight, but this Branding Study Tour was a amazing experience to see and testimonial in the scene how companies brand itself.